After a tough year like 2020, fans and artists alike are more than ready to turn the page to 2021. But despite the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new year means promising new beginnings -- and we're betting these artists have big things in store for the coming year.

Some, such as Katie Pruitt, Jamie Wyatt and S.G. Goodman, put out remarkable projects during 2020 that left their growing fanbases clamoring for more. Others, including Breland and Priscilla Block, have gone viral with hit songs that transcended a traditional radio trajectory, finding new ways to reach fans through streaming services or even social media platforms including TikTok.

Some of the artists on this list lean more toward traditional country, while others are pushing the boundaries of what's possible for the genre. No matter where they fall on the style spectrum, though, every last one is garnering momentum in 2021, and we're expecting great things out of this batch of performers in the year ahead.

Even though 2021 is just getting started, they've all been busy already, and it shows. Listen to The Boot's playlist on Spotify to get all caught up on what this year's buzziest country artists have been up to.

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