There's a refreshing feeling when the clock strikes midnight and welcomes in a new year: It's the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, as the metaphor goes, and make major moves. And in 2020, musically speaking, The Boot's staff members are expecting big things from a few rising acts in particular.

The Boot's 2020 class of artists to watch varies in genre, style, influence and background, but these up-and-coming country, Americana, folk and bluegrass men, women and groups are all poised to have banner years. These 25 names are ones to keep your eyes (and ears) on: artists you'll want to hear early, so you can brag that you knew about them first.

Some of these acts, The Boot's readers may already know -- perhaps you've heard someone's debut single on the radio or in a playlist; maybe you're seen them live or caught them on TV -- while others will become new favorites. Our staff has taken into consideration each artist's sound and potential, along with industry buzz and our own opinions, to curate 2020's artists to watch list, and we're ready to share more about these stars on the rise.

Read on to learn the names of The Boot's 2020 artists to watch, and a little bit more about them -- and get ready to hear plenty from them throughout the year.

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