The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a brutal summer with scorching hot temps so you are going to want to find ways to beat the heat. Floating down a river with a bunch of friends is one my favorite things to do. Below you'll see some of the best places to go in Minnesota and Iowa for a fun day of tubing.

There are some important things to remember before heading out on the water like sunscreen and sunglasses - I recommend cheap sunglasses because you could lose them. You might also want to take some bug spray because the mosquito and black bug population is up this year. Don't forget to bring a lot of cold beverages and a plastic bag to store your empties in.

We pulled ratings and reviews from Google to compile a list of the best spots in Minnesota and Iowa to tube this summer. Open our app to chat with us if you think we're missing one.

8 Great Places To Tube This Summer in Minnesota and Iowa

Beat the heat this summer by getting out on the water. Below you'll see the best spots in Minnesota and Iowa to spend the day floating on a tube.


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