Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. Despite knowing that it could get you in trouble, a lot of people still commonly text and drive. Because of this, a new bill, HF 392, is looking to make the penalty for texting and driving cost a lot more.

HF 392 would double the fines for texting while driving

Currently, HF 392 is going through committees, but if it's signed into law, it will make texting while driving a much more severe penalty. According to a KWWL report, if HF 392 is adopted, fines would double, texting while driving would become a moving violation.

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What that means is, if you are caught texting or even calling while your vehicle is in motion, you'll acquire points on your license (see more on Iowa's point system below). The majority of moving violations are misdemeanors, but texting while driving could constitute reckless driving, thus racking up more points. Fines would also increase. Currently, your ticket for texting while driving would run between $45 and $100. If HF 392 passes, fines would run as high as $170.

Photo by melissa mjoen on Unsplash
Photo by melissa mjoen on Unsplash

Iowa's license point system

In Iowa, like most states, there is a point system for drivers. Speeding Ticket Advisor notes violations accumulate points on your license for every moving violation committed. If you end up accumulating points for 3 or more offenses in a one-year period, your Iowa license gets suspended. If you manage to accumulate 6 to 7 points, your Iowa license gets suspended for 2 years. This also impacts your insurance and will cause your costs of car insurance to go up drastically.

For Commercial Drivers License (CDL) drivers, there are additional rules as many violations carry federally mandated penalties.

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