80-Year-Old Woman Shot A Buck From Her Kitchen Window While Making Lunch
80-year-old Virginia Luce is a FOUR-time cancer survivor and worked for 25 years as a registered nurse. She just retired just two months ago. She and her husband reside on an 80-acre property in Eastern Texas. Their backyard leads to the Davy Crockett National Forest which spreads more than 160,000 acres and the Texas government allows only the Luce's and their family members to hunt in the forest
‘Home Alone’ Holiday Display
The Wet Bandits are back and Kevin McCallister is once again defending his home. This home in Austin, Texas, recreated some of the most famous scenes from 1990's 'Home Alone.' Kevin's up on the roof with his paint can booby trap, while Marv and Harry are unsuspectingly waiting below him, covered in feathers...
Pole-Dancing Skeleton Halloween Display
A Texas woman has brought out all of her skeletons for a Halloween display in the front yard of her home in Texas. Angela Nava's 'Pole-Dancing Skeletons' have drawn a lot of complaints and now the Homeowner's Association has sent her a letter saying that she has 30 days to remove the display...
Ranch for Sale in Texas — It’s Half the Size of Rhode Island
Looking to own some land? Brewster Ranch in Texas is for sale – it’s a gigantic 420,000 acres -- about half the size of Rhode Island. The asking price? $320 million. It’s available as a whole or can be purchased as five separate entities: Rio Texico 117,000 acres Dove Mountain 196,000 acres Horse Mountain 34,124 acres YE Mesa 52,022 acres Tesnus 19,814 acres One of the separate ranches, Dove Mou