In case you haven't noticed, we do things a little differently in Iowa. This is a perfect example. While most Americans would choose to just sit in a pickup while their significant other gets groceries, one superhero was spotted getting a big-time workout.

Thank you Iowa Chill for being you on TikTok. Thanks to their share, you can witness muscular Iowa greatness. This just never stops being impressive. It happened in the Hyvee parking lot in Waterloo allegedly. Several witnessed this and confirmed it's greatness.

@iowachillNever stop, always grinding ##iowa ##fyp ##WhatWouldPopTartsDo♬ Rocky Theme - Gonny Fly Now - The Fan Lounge

The comments are almost as funny as the video. Kayla Hanes said "The sad part before even seeing it was Waterloo, I know that Hyvee...gotta love my town". Bone said "the loo represents". Yes it does, Bone. Yes, it does.

There are so many options for where you can lift weights. Sure, you could go to a gym or even attempt this manly feat at home. But, no, in Waterloo it happens in the Hyvee parking lot because of course it does.

You can laugh at this hero, but know that he's getting his reps in while most of us are buying Pop Tarts or a 12-pack of donuts. Not this guy. He's gonna have abs of steel and likely a million followers on TikTok by the time this video makes the rounds.

Keep being you, Waterloo. We wouldn't want you to be any other way.

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