Ironically, June is "National Safety Month". Considering everything going on in the world, the very idea of that seems absurd, or at the very least, poor timing.  On the other hand, what better time to observe it? 

Annually, "National Safety Month" focuses on saving lives and preventing injuries, in the workplace or anywhere. Coinciding with that, WalletHub's new study 2020's Safest States In America compares the 50 states across 53 key metrics. The data set ranges from the state’s coronavirus support, personal & residential safety, assaults per capita, the unemployment rate and much more. Iowa actually ranks really high, the state is ranked 6th safest overall. 

As you can see below, Iowa scored high in several key metrics.

Courtesy - WalletHub

With a 10% unemployment rate, and over 175,000 Iowans out of work...Iowa is still tied for first with five other states for the "Lowest Unemployment Rate" in the "Financial Safety" metric.

Courtesy - WalletHub

If an accident were to happen and hospitalization were needed, Iowa ranks 5th for states with the "Lowest Share of Uninsured Population".

Courtesy - WalletHub

WalletHub's methodology takes a deep dive into our "Personal & Residential Safety", "Financial Safety", "Road Safety" and more, it's actually quite fascinating. Despite the current social unrest in our communities and the ever-present coronavirus pandemic, I would venture to say, we're pretty fortunate to live in the great state of Iowa.

Check out the map to see where other states rank:

Source: WalletHub
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