There is a candy that is actually good for your smile.

When it comes to tricks and treats, kids are hoping for the treats. But when a child leaves a house knowing in their trick-or-treat bag there is a penny, cut up apples, or a tooth brush, it feels much more like a trick.

But there is a solution. The number 1 lollipop on is good for smile. They are called Zollipops and they are made with ingredients that clean your teeth as you eat them. Zollipops hit the stores in 2014 and include sweeteners erythritol and xylitol which help reduce acidity in your mouth and protect against cavities.

Zollipops were created by 9-year-old (now 13) Alina Morse who has all ready been on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine in their "Young Millionaires" edition. Zollipops are expected to make $6 million this year alone. The lollipop that cleans your teeth is now out-selling: Tootsie, Dum Dums, and Blow Pops on Amazon.

You can see Zollipops for yourself at and order them online in-time for Halloween (with Amazon Prime) at

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