The recent heavy rainfall Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin received this week, has forced officials to close portions of a state park, just in time for the holiday weekend.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, several inches of rain that poured in Allamakee County, caused some significant road damage at Yellow River State Forest, north of Marquette, and just south of Harpers Ferry.

Flash flooding in the area damaged Fire Tower Road in the forest. Park staff are working to have the road open for use by tourists this Independence Day holiday weekend.

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The road gives visitors access to Center Point Overlook, and Fire Tower, and the DNR Parks Supervisor is planning to have the road open by this weekend; however the rest of Fire Tower Road will stay closed until repairs can be made.

Browns Hollow parking lot is also closed to visitors.

Tourists will find that the campground and all multi-use equestrian trails will remain open at Yellow River State Forest.


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