Army of the Dead marks two very important firsts in director Zack Snyder’s career. It’s the first movie he‘s shot with a digital camera and it’s also the first movie where he‘s served as his own cinematographer. On the latest episode of Snyder School — a four-part series on the making of Army of the Dead for Netflix’s YouTube channel — he talks about his decision to serve as his own director of photography and why he decided to use the RED camera, and how both decisions were completely intertwined.

The episode also shows how Snyder storyboards his shots, and how he works with his stunt choreographer to come up with what they call “stunt pre-visualization” or a “physical storyboard” to imagine and plan what the action will look like once they’re actually on set. Watch it below:

If you missed it, here was the first episode of Snyder School, which focused on the art of opening titles:

Here’s the schedule for the remaining two episodes of Snyder School:

‘Snyder School’ Episode 3 | Making the Cut | June 1, 2021 Release

“Zack Snyder explains how he uses editing, color, music and sound design in his films.”

‘Snyder School’ Episode 4 | World Building | June 7, 2021 Release

“All of Zack's films have involved an alternate universe, whether it's superheroes, zombies, or a comic book reality. How does he approach building a cinematic universe?”

Army of the Dead is available now on Netflix.

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