The 2020 Olympics never technically happened due to COVID. They were rescheduled for July 23 – August 8, 2021, due to the global pandemic. As a result of the delay, KCCI reports the only U.S. based Olympic skateboard qualifying event for 2021 will take place in right here in Iowa. The event will go down new Lauridsen Skatepark May 20-23 in Des Moines.

On the official Dew Tour website, Laurisden Skatepark in referred to as nation’s largest skatepark. Lauridsen Skatepark’s Street and Park courses are officially sanctioned as Olympic-level competition venues. The park also features a skate promenade, two skate bowls, a skate sculpture, stairs, ledges, and great deal more. This is a major event for skateboarding enthusiasts, as skateboarding will make its debut at the Olympic Games this summer in Tokyo.

If you're planning to take the short drive to our capital city to spectate, check ahead. As a result of the the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, details around hosting public spectators are still being evaluated by Dew Tour, World Skate, and local and state event partners. Obviously the safety and health of athletes, staff, and potential fans are the most important thing. More info about the event and spectators abilities to see the event this will be announced at a later date according to the Dew Tour website.

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