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Cedar Falls public safety officials were called out Sunday to rescue six people from two disabled boats on the swollen Cedar River.

Authorities said the two boats got stuck in a tree north of Black Hawk Park, which is currently flooded and not accessible. According to authorities, one boat lost power and was being towed by a second boat that also then lost power.

Public safety officials deployed two rescue boats from Island Park in Cedar Falls. They navigated to a point north of Black Hawk Park, where the located the disabled boats and passengers and towed them to Island Park.

Authorities confirmed that six passengers -- all adults and teenagers -- were on the two boats. The passengers were examined by paramedics. None of them were injured.

The incident happened just before 8:30 PM.

A flooding warning is posted for the Cedar River at Cedar Falls and Janesville. Minor flooding is predicted at both locations.

At Cedar Falls, the Cedar River is expected to rise above flood stage late Monday morning before cresting about two feet above its 89-foot flood stage Tuesday morning. The river level is expected to fall below flood stage early Wednesday morning.

At 7:45 PM Sunday, the river stage was 85.2 feet and rising at Cedar Falls, according to the National Weather Service. Upstream at Janesville, the water level was at 10.3 feet and rising.

At Janesville, the Cedar River is expected to crest about one foot over its 14-foot flood stage early Monday afternoon.

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