When Shy Carter set out to try his hand as a recording artist, he could've had his pick of genres. As a songwriter, he's already proven his versatility, writing for pop hitmakers like Rob Thomas, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth. He also co-wrote Sugarland's 2010 hit "Stuck Like Glue" — a song that challenged country radio with its drum loop base and mid-song rap breakdown.

But for all his talent for genre-blending and experimentation, Carter told Rolling Stone in 2020 he was ultimately drawn to release music in the country format because of its penchant for telling simple, earnest stories.

"I like the culture: The family element of it, the organic music. Using all these guitars and guitar solos and steel guitars and banjos," he says. "I found the common thread when I heard Zac Brown Band sing, 'Whatever it is, it blows me away ...' It's just a love song, and coming from R&B music, I like to be able to write a love song, to write something that is still wholesome. I like that about country music. Some of this pop music, they want to push it so far to where it's negative sometimes. I want to say something positive."

"Positivite" is certainly an apt descriptor for Carter's first solo effort, "Good Love," which impacts country radio beginning Jan. 25. With a swelling, immersive chorus that stays in your head all day, the song focuses in on the joy of family and spending time with the ones who matter most.

"This song is the perfect representation of me as an artist," Carter relates in a press release. "I want to make music that will meet you in the storm you're in and help you through it. 'Good Love' reminds me to be grateful for the many blessings this life has to offer."

Did You Know?: Carter may be just getting started as a recording artist, but he's also got an impressive Music City resume under his belt. He's listed as a co-writer on Kane Brown's recent hit "Worldwide Beautiful," and he has also collaborated with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban.

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Shy Carter's "Good Love" Lyrics:

If I was on the street with no love / I know you would put some change in my cup / If I was down on my luck / You would pick me up / If every I would breathe my last breath / I know you would put your hands on my chest / Sing to me and say, "God bless" / You would lift me up

When I feel like I'm dying...


You come around with that good love / Good love, good love / Make me feel like it's alright / Make me believe in this good life / Yeah, you pick me up / Good love, good love, good love / When I feel like I'm dying / You give me strength, help me find it / Yeah that good, good love

Never have to doubt your faith / When I'm on my knees, you pray / When I'm broke, you don't break / You say, "You can make it" / You sure know how to save me, baby / When I feel like I'm drowning..

Repeat Chorus

And I can't thank you enough / For bringing me back to life / And you make me feel like it's alright / Yeah, that good, good love...

Repeat Chorus

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