The Bremer County Sheriff is looking for volunteers with snowmobiles, to provide help in transporting emergency workers during times when roads are closed due to snow.

The owner would have to have a snowmobile that is reliable and registered. Also the volunteer would not be asked to to do anything other than transport emergency responders, including deputies, firefighters and EMS personnel, to the scene of an accident involving an ATV or snowmobile, or other type of accident in which emergency workers have a hard time in responding in a timely manner.

The sheriff notes that snowmobile and ATV accidents are not a common occurrence in Bremer County, however they do want to be prepared with a list of volunteers with snow machines. The situation was brought to the sheriff's attention when the last snow storm drifted many roads shut in the county.

Anyone interested in volunteering with their snowmobile, is asked to email the sheriff's office, to, and provide your name, address and phone number, and also times that you would be available to help out.


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