Halloween is such a fun, and spooky, time of the year!

Are you one of those people that LOVE Halloween and go ALL OUT with decorations? If so, we want to see photos of your neighborhood displays so we can share them here and on our Facebook page. Whether you're more low key, and have just a couple of jack-o-lanterns on your front porch, or maybe a couple of skeletons or a creepy spider web. Or, if you have a full-blown display, that includes witches, faux graveyards, ghosts, and even Halloween lights. We want to see it!

To submit a photo: email shawn.mckenna@townsquaremedia.com or upload your photo to our Facebook page. If you want fellow Halloween enthusiasts to be able to drive by and check out your display, make sure to include your address, and town name! So, people can enter it into their GPS easily! Finally, legal stuff here, by submitting your photo, that gives us permission to publish it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND LET'S SEE YOUR PICS!!! ***Keep checking back here as we add more photos.***

To get us started - this spooky house is located at 910 McCoy Road in Evansdale - it's quite the elaborate display!

Photo by Jessie McKenna

Here's the same display in the daylight - great decorations!

Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna

Here's Dan Mixdorf's display in Cedar Falls at 4008 Eastpark Road

Credit - Dan Mixdorf

Check out Jill Jacob's display at 209 W. Superior, Clarksville

Photo by Jill Jacobs

and more pic's of the Jacob's display...

Photos by Jill Jacobs

Here's "Drake the Dragon" at Michelle Cole's house in Denver

Courtesy - Michelle Cole

Spooky decorations at Amy Metzger's house on Evans Road in Evansdale

Courtesy - Amy Metzger

Here's another one from Amy - mini graveyard!!!

Courtesy - Amy Metzger

All the cool skeletons hang out at this house in Grundy Cemter

Townsquare Media - James Patrick

Here's a spooky house in Shellsburg...

Townsquare Media - James Patrick

Check out Kori Butler Evans' awesome decorations/blow-ups at 505 Bishop Ave. Laporte City

Photo by Kori Evans

Here's the Ross family's spooky graveyard - on Lafayette Road in Evansdale

Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna