Scotty McCreery's complaint about George Strait songs sound more like a compliment during "Damn Strait," the younger singer's new radio single. He just can't listen to the famous Texan anymore, he says in this commercial ballad.

With "Damn Strait," McCreery is sure to extend his streak of No. 1 hits to five. Right now, he simply has his finger on the pulse of what works in country music, and with a few hits under his belt he can easily attract the songwriters who will deliver. Jim Collins and Trent Tomlinson wrote "Damn Strait," a song that relies on a concept so simple it's nearly impossible to believe it hadn't been written yet.

While the song-naming is clever (see below) and McCreery's vocals warm and personal, it's the twist on the phrase "Damn Strait" that takes this song to a new level. Read through the chorus to appreciate a great turn of phrase. Saying yes to this song had to be among McCreery's easiest career decisions to date.

Did You Know?: We count six George Strait songs named in the lyrics to "Damn Strait." Each title is in bold below. Maybe you can find more?

Scotty McCreery's "Damn Strait" Lyrics: 

"Nobody in His right Mind Would've Left Her / That was her favorite song / She sang along every time it came on / The first time we danced was to Marina Del Rey / And I fell right there and then / I didn't want that song to end / Baby Blue was the color of her eyes / I can still see them in my mind / Probably will for the rest of my life.

Damn Strait, you're killing me, man / You know I've always been your biggest fan / Now I can't even listen / 'Cause I'll get to missing her / Then the hurt gets worse / Damn Strait, I used to love your songs / But now every time that one comes on / My heart gets broke in half / But do I wish I could get her back / Damn Strait.

The other day right out of a Blue Clear Sky / You came on in my truck / I couldn't turn it off fast enough / I tried to get back in the game / But this ole heart just ain't the same / Hell I can't even Give It Away.

Repeat Chorus

I know it ain't your fault / That she left me / And you know you'll always be the king / But right now I Hate Everything.

Repeat Chorus

Nobody in his right mind would've left her / That was her favorite song / She sang along every time it came on."

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