As kids go back to school, and Summer comes to an end a "light at the end of the tunnel" for a bunch of kids is the holidays, or birthdays. A very popular gift for kids is LEGO. I myself was a huge fan of this toy as a kid. I still find myself a fan to this day.

Sadly, we are seeing some delays in online orders on the LEGO website.

An obvious answer to this problem is to just go to a store, but sadly scalpers continue to snag up countless LEGO sets right after they hit shelves. These people almost always buy the max amount of sets they can result in nothing be left for kids. It's not just LEGO either, it is countless other brands of toys too.

Who knew the world of Toys was so cutthroat?

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On their website LEGO stated,

We expect to see shipping delays over the coming days. We’re working hard to get your items delivered as quickly as possible and will send you an email when your order ships. Please check your Order Status for updates.

They also laid out how their shipping process works.

-Items in stock ship the next business day (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) if placed by 12pm EST.
-Items not in stock ship as soon as they become available.
-All orders are subject to review which may affect shipping times.
-Please note there is a surcharge of $12.50 for Express service to Alaska and Hawaii.

Long story short:

If your kids birthday is coming up you may want to order those LEGO a bit earlier.

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