Major League Baseball spring training would usually be right around the corner, and in the year 2000, that meant country superstar Garth Brooks reported for duty to the New York Mets clubhouse. It was the second of three stints the singer had in the bigs, and he left with an unimpressive batting average.

Brooks signed a contract with the Mets, and in return, they donated to his Touch 'Em All Foundation for kids. He wrapped up spring training on March 19, 2000. His time with the Mets came after a stint with the San Diego Padres (1999) and before his time with the Kansas City Royals (2004).

As for his on-field performance? Let's just say there was a better chance of him coming out of retirement before his kids finished high school than there was him getting a base hit. According to, he was 1-39 with the Padres and Mets (a .025 average) but had at least one hit with the Royals.

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