The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond's foster son, Jamar, graduated high school on Saturday (May 15), and the mom of five is feeling all of the emotions.

Jamar came to live with the Drummond family in 2019 — flash forward two years and he's as much a part of the family as the couple's other four children (Alex 23, Paige 21, Bryce 18, Todd 17). In a blog post introducing Jamar to the world in 2020, Ree noted that Jamar is an "inextricable part of our wacky family."

Seeing her "bonus kid," as Ree calls him, prepare to leave the nest is bittersweet.

"Someone’s graduating today! And here are the emojis that describe how I currently feel about it: (Thank you for listening. And congratulations, Jamar!!)," Drummond captions an Instagram snapshot of the teenager, with more than a dozen crying emojis and various other that indicate her feelings.

Jamar, now 18, is standing in front of pictures on a poster board of photos of his family and friends in the image, complete with a family photo from the Drummonds' oldest daughter Alex’s wedding earlier this month.

Jamar will be attending the University of Central Oklahoma this fall, where he will continue to pursue his passion for football as part of the universities football team.

Ree and Ladd Drummond hadn't planned to foster a child, but Jamar's circumstances presented in a way the couple couldn't ignore. He was a schoolmate of her two sons, and had a difficult raising. It was a no-brainer for the family to bring him in.

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