The Fayette County Sheriff's Office has released information on some recent arrests.

At about 7:45pm July 20th, a deputy pulled over a vehicle near the intersection of Union and Mill Streets in Clermont. After conducting an investigation, the driver, 49 year old Richard Hanson of Elgin, was taken into custody for Operating While Intoxicated-2nd Offense, Operating a Non-registered Vehicle, and Failing to Obey a stop Sign and Yield Right of Way. Hanson was held in the Fayette County jail until his initial appearance with a magistrate.

On July 19, at about 11:45pm, a deputy stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. 22 year old Gustavo Soto of Hawkeye was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated-1st Offense.

Also on the evening of July 19, 36 year old Robert White II was taken into custody on a Fayette County Warrant for a Parole Violation. White was held in the county jail on a no-bond hold. The sheriff was assisted by Sumner Police.

And 31 year old Ryan Eickhoff of Oelwein was arrested the afternoon of July 19th, on a Black Hawk County warrant for Theft in the 4th Degree. Eickhoff was held in the Fayette County jail, until he could be transferred to Black Hawk County.

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