The Queen’s Gambit just won the Golden Globe for Best Limited Series. The show is already one of the most popular originals in Netflix’s history — and it’s inspired a lot of speculation about its story and origins. The main character, Beth Harmon, is entirely fictional — and the plot itself is based on a 1983 novel by author Walter Tevis, who also wrote the books The HustlerThe Man Who Fell to Earth, and The Color of Money. But did you know Tevis’ own personal experiences growing up served as the inspiration for a lot of Beth’s life?

It’s true. And in our latest video, we break down all of the ways Tevis’ biography influenced the story of Beth Harmon and The Queen’s Gambit. All of Tevis’ fictional protagonists have a lot in common: They’re often very competitive, prone to addiction, alienated, and above all, very competitive. The similarities between the books, and their writer, don’t end there; see all the connections below:

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