This home is private property. Do not trespass on any private property or visit without the permission of the owners.

There are some things that age pretty well... wine, or cheese, or even someone with a good plastic surgeon.

Sometimes things with a lot of history slowly start to age with time. Some of the most well-known movie locations of the 20th century are being well-preserved here in the Hawkeye State. These movies are often so well-beloved like; Field of Dreams, Bridges of Madison County, and Twister.

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In May of 2021, the latter film actually celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The majority of Twister was shot in Oklahoma. Wakita, Oklahoma is one of the more popular filming locations, and the town still celebrates the movie every day at their Twister Museum. 

A large chunk of the final act was filmed in Iowa. The movie crew shot the scenes where Jo and Bill are running away from the terrifying tornado in Ames, Iowa. However, maybe the most iconic image from Twister was shot in Eldora. And it involves a piece of Iowa real estate.

I uncovered this old television newscast from the night that the film held a special premiere in Ames. The debris from the filming of the movie was still scattered in Hardin county a year after filming wrapped.

Twister House

Eldora might have the most coveted piece of real estate for any diehard Twister fan. It's in this Iowa town that the "Twister house" resides. Aunt Meg's house getting encased by the storm became one of the most iconic shots in the movie. This house in Eldora, IA was only used for the exterior shots for filming. As of 2017, it looked like it underwent major renovations since the 90s.

Jeff Robak/Warner Brothers Studio
Jeff Robak/Warner Brothers Studio

Can I go and visit the house now?

Unfortunately, that's a no. It used to be available for tours, but now it seems like the owners are more interested in their privacy than any sort of fanfare.

"Our home was only at the end of the movie, for less than a minute. We choose to pay more attention to the 130 years of county history our home holds. Thank you for accepting our choice for privacy," says Donna D Juber, the owner of the property in 2019.


Twister House Is In Eldora, IA

The 90s was an exciting time for Iowans. Multiple movies were filmed right here in the Hawkeye State; Field of Dreams, the Bridges of Madison County, and Twister. The latter is celebrating it's 25th anniversary since it was released in theaters. The majority of the final scenes in the movie were actually filmed in Iowa. The most haunting shot of the movie was the shot of

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