A police standoff in Waterloo ended without incident on Sunday evening. KWWL reports at approximately 10:30 Sunday night officers responded to what appeared to be a domestic disturbance, and/or weapons violation situation at the 600 block of West Mullan Avenue in Waterloo. Despite what appeared to be a tense situation, the standoff ended peacefully according to Waterloo authorities.

The standoff lasted for over two-hours

After arriving, police began engaging a suspect from the outside of the home using a bullhorn. As the situation escalated, they blocked off both South Street and Randolph Street both of which lead towards West Mullan Avenue. The man police engaged had allegedly fired a gun into the air, which prompted police to shut down the roads around the home. The report indicates officers threatened to use tear gas if the individual inside did not open the door and allow police to enter the home.

The situation did not escalate in violence and at roughly 12:40 a.m. this morning (Monday), the man came out of his house without incident and was arrested by authorities. The KWWL story says a child was also inside the home during the two-plus hour standoff. All parties were unarmed at the time of the arrest, and the man was taken into custody peacefully. Neighbors told KWWL the situation was initially over an incident between a man and woman inside the residence.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

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