My fellow Iowan we are getting charged MORE for a pizza pie than our fellow Midwestern states. Were you aware of this horrible atrocity? Were you aware your pocked book was becoming lighter than Missourian or Illinoisian when you went to get a pizza? Or, that a Minnesotan and Wisconsinite paid less for za than ya? In fact, other than Nebraska, Iowans pay MORE for pizza than any Midwestern state for a cheese pizza and MORE than any midwestern state for a pepperoni pie. But why or why? Let us explore.

Does pepperoni cost MORE in major ag states? Yep.

According to the website, we pay more for pepperoni pizza in the midwest in general, with Iowa being the highest. Pepperoni lovers, along with Minnesota and Wisconsin, we are among the top ten priciest. A pepperoni pizza in Iowa costs an average of $15.38. See what the average is in all states here. Curious why a hog-producing state would pay more? Simple: demand.

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Iowans love pepperoni pizza. In Utah, a pepperoni pie costs about $6.49. Why? Hardly any demand. Actually, cheese pizza is much, much cheaper there too. Only $7.00 a slab. Speaking of cheese...

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash
Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Cheese pizza costs more in Iowa too... what gives?

Here in Iowa, an average kid-pleasing cheese-only za costs $8.04. By comparison, in Missouri, it's $7.21, in Illinois, $7.33, and in Wisconsin, you're looking to pay $7.56. Only Nebraska pies cost more than Iowa, roughly $8.06. Alaska still has us both beat with cheese pizza costing a whopping $9.21. Eek. You can see how much cheese pizza costs in all 50 states here.

Iowa also has MORE pizzerias per capita than our fellow Midwestern states. 34.6 per 100K residents. That bests the 23.9 in Illinois and 24.8 in Missouri, among others we top. Who's hungry now?


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