You would think Gen Z would have learned from the "Tide Pod" viral social media challenge, that you really shouldn't be following what others try just to try it... but unfortunately, looks like there is another challenge to be worried about, "Benadryl Challenge."

The FDA has announced this week that parents need to be on the look out for their teens participating in the new viral TikTok "Benadryl Challenge". In the "Benadryl Challenge" people are taking this over the counter drug in order to get high and see what happens. If you didn't know, this can lead to heart problems, seizures, comas and death.

This viral challenge has been connected with many hospitalizations of participants and one possible death. Now these teens are not trying to harm themselves but rather curiosity is said to have taken over and they decided to follow the trend and try it. The FDA has reached out to TikTok to remove these videos and are also warning parents to be aware of what their teens are doing on social media, especially being home more due to the pandemic. You can find out more details by checking out the official FDA website. 

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