Drinking beer is an American pastime that is certainly tightly woven into country music. One of country music's most visible and the third-oldest beer brand in America, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or PBR, is delivering the goods to its consumers.

What Is America's Biggest Case of Beer?

This is going to seem like a typo, but it's most definitely not. Pabst Blue Ribbon is now selling a 180-pack of beer. Yes, you can walk into your local grocery store and walk out with a 180-pack of beer.

Why Is Pabst Blue Ribbon Selling a 180-Pack of Beer?

Well, it's Pabst Blue Ribbon's 180th anniversary in 2024, so this is in celebration. If you think you can just carry out the beer to your car yourself, think again.

A 180-pack of PBR is the equivalent of six 30-packs of beer, or 2,160 ounces. If you plan on heading to the store, bring a friend, and possibly a dolly.

PBR has been known in the past for their wild promotions, so we can just add this to the list. They rolled out their 99-pack in 2019. The package instantly gained attention and led to massive exposure for a brand that does little to no national advertising.

If this new campaign from PBR goes viral like the past few they have done, they will have won again by garnering a ton of attention while spending a lot less than their competitors on advertising.

Most retailers across America are selling the PBR 180-pack for under $100, which is on par for the pricing of the third-oldest beer brand in America.

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