Well, it's official: single Iowa woman think COVID-19 is in the past, and it's time to... um, get out there again. And by out there I don't just mean physically hitting a bar or a club, I mean, hooking up. This according to a new study from the dating app Plenty of Fish. I know, it sounds a bit backwards, right? Do women really want one-night stands? What do dudes want? Believe it or not, the opposite.

Post-COVID, more men want to stop having one night stands

The study found 61% of single guys say they think one-night stands will become extinct after the pandemic is fully over, while only 45% of women agree with that assessment of hook-ups completely vanishing. Is this a bad thing? Certainly depends who you ask - I'd generally think guys would favor the ol' quick and dirty method, but clearly, I'm way off. This Plenty of Fish study says so, anyways.

But if hook-ups disappear (according to guys), what will replace 'em? Because we still have to... you know, have fun, right? The study says 61% of single (both genders) think that sexting will become more popular than ever before following COVID. Great, machines replacing people once again... Well, kind of anyway.

COVID may have changed how we date permanently

You heard so many 'experts' saying, 'oh, this or that will be forever changed after COVID.' Well, here's yet another. The study finds more than half of younger single adults say they went with a tech-related method to find intimacy during the pandemic. That includes pictures, videos, and good ol' phone sex. Who says romance is dead?

One more interesting find, just over half of the singles surveyed feel non-physical intimacy may be held in higher regard. This would include emotional or intellectual forms of intimacy. So, better start watching Jeopardy! again, guys.

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