Can a small town really be that off the grid if it is making headlines, and lists like this? According to Only In Your State the answer is yes.

It's hard to believe that places in 2023 can still be considered off the grid. Surprisingly there are a lot of towns on the lists of best off-grid locations in America. One of those spots is in Iowa.



Eldora Iowa is just like any other great small town in Iowa. It was Established in 1853 and has a great history. There is also plenty of things to do. There is a city pool, the Hardin County Farm Museum, filled with old-fashioned farm machinery, and more.

If you want to spend your stay in relaxing in the town, you can pay a visit to the White House Bed and Breakfast. They have an old-school inn with classic hospitality.

According to OIYS the real spot to hide away at is in the state park.

Sunset on the Woods at a Campsite in Wisconsin
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Pine Lake State Park

If you want to go off the grid this is one of the places to do it. Sources go on to say,

Pine Lake State Park One of the state's least-visited state parks, it has some great easy-to-navigate trails that are perfect for beginners.

The Iowa DNR even goes as far as to call this spot the hidden gem of Iowa.

wooded trails, deep ravines, and scenic lake views in the midst of Iowa’s rolling farmland. Historic structures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) can be found throughout the park, including the Pine Lodge, beach house and stone cabins, which have been carefully restored. Pine Lake is filled with beautiful picnic areas to enjoy a quiet setting by the river or an overlook of the park’s lake. The park originally was home to Iowa’s southernmost stand of native pine trees which were wiped out by a severe hailstorm in August 2009; today hundreds of caged tree seedlings are scattered throughout the park as part of a reforestation effort.

If you're trying to escape the noise of the modern day, this might be a great next stop.

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