To help local student athletes remain healthy during this pandemic, the Oelwein Police Department has formed a partnership with the Oelwein High School, by providing individual Husky water bottles to the students.

The donated bottles will be given to Oelwein athletes participating in winter sports this season.

Photo from Oelwein Police Department
Photo from Oelwein Police Department

The individual bottles will allow each student athlete to have a safe way to hydrate during practices and games, and at the same time, prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to Oelwein Police Chief Jeremy Logan, "during these unusual times, we have to work together to try to maintain a sense of normalcy while preventing the spread of the virus".

(Top Photo: Left to right: Officer Shannon Cox, Senior Spencer Logan, Senior Ethan Studebaker, Senior Jacob King, and Officer Nathan Craun.)

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