There's a lot of silly, fun and innocent Tik Tok (or simply viral) challenges out there. There's also a number of dangerous and downright stupid ones. Since it's the holidays, it's time for one such "themed" challenge to return it appears. And parents, there's a good chance to have the simple kitchen-based product needed to execute this challenge, so be warned.

Be warned: the Nutmeg Challenge

At the risk of sounding lame, let me just say I love nutmeg. It's a great Christmas-ee ingredient. Good on eggnog or a latte, it's a very winter-oriented spice. But drinking it plain? Or worse yet, drinking a whole bottle plain (mixed into water)? Oooh, that sounds rough. And gross. Oh, and very dangerous.

The website Parentology covered a dangerous trend called the "Benadryl challenge" where, mostly teens, were popping excessive amounts of Benadryl to get high. As a result, many got very sick after taking about a dozen pills. this challenge is very similar, except replace Benadryl with nutmeg and replace pills with powder. The results can include hallucinations, or dizziness, and nausea.

@ryanlikesfrogs_nutmeg hallucinating thing. It’s not that bad but it’s definitely not good #fyp i’ll update in a couple hours if i start hearing color

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Worse yet, it could, in an extreme case, kill you. There's some serious effect this challenge could have on the human brain. This video shows what is certainly a detailed look at what could happen, but fascinating too.

So if your kids express interest in nutmeg, it could be because they're into putting a dash on their coffee, or it could be far more dangerous.

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