Two Eastern Iowa men, described as being longtime friends, are splitting a hefty 2nd place lottery prize, that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives.

50 year old Chris Smith of Cascade and 56 year old Mark Bussan of Dubuque, are sharing a "Lucky for Life" lotto prize of $25,000 a year, for life.

Smith and Bussan agreed to split the life-long prize between the two. The men work together at Webber Metal Products in Cascade. Smith is the one who actually bought the ticket, at McDermott Oil Co. in Cascade; he matched the first five numbers that were drawn, but did not have the Lucky Ball, in a Monday night drawing.

Smith said he chose the winning numbers, using digits related in some way, to the late race car driver Dale Earnhardt, including his stock car number. The numbers drawn Monday night were: 1-8-15-29-31, and the Lucky Ball was "2". The "Lucky for Life" drawing is held twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. The top prize in the game, is $1,000 a day, for life.

Smith and Bussan are planning to use their winnings of $25,000 a year for life, to pay off bills, and save for retirement.

The two friends sealed the deal to share the money, with a handshake.

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