Energy prices have been through the roof, just like gas prices. One Eastern Iowa school is planning to use its roof to lower its costs.

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According to the Telegraph Herald, Dubuque Community School District will be installing 237 solar panels on the roof of Sageville Elementary School. The panels will be partnered with a five-battery backup to store excess energy in case of an emergency.

The idea came about a few years ago as a way to save on the energy bill. According to Kevin Kelleher, the district’s financial officer in a report by KCRG, the district will be able to save around $900 a month in energy from the solar panels.

Currently, the project is only planned for the elementary school, but if the project is a success, they will expand it to other schools.

According to Kelleher, the project will cost $350,000. They are expecting to save around $30,000 a year once the panels are installed.

The panels will be installed on the school’s roof in spring 2023.

Dubuque is a solar-friendly place

Back in July, the Iowa Capital Dispatch wrote about a program in Dubuque that would help residents install solar panels in their homes.

In a city council meeting, the council unanimously approved contributions of $3,285 for each participant in the Renew DBQ pilot program that would help install the panels. The program will select 10 people per year to participate.

The state offered $36.6 million in solar incentives between 2012 and 2020 but this program was not renewed in the 2021 legislative session. This decision left hundreds of Iowans losing $3,000.

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