This week is a holiday week, you know. it's American Craft Beer Week. In 2021, one doesn't have to look too far to find a craft brewery. This is, of course, a good thing. Not only can we support local folks, but we can enjoy a cold one in the processes. I'm sure if you're a beer fan, you make a habit of trying an area beer or at least a beer from whatever state you're in. If you're like me, you enjoy brewery hopping and actually going right to the source.

What do non-Iowans think of Iowa craft beer?

I was inspired by that notion of being in a new place and trying a local brewery. Many beer enthusiasts are not quiet in nature, so I knew I'd be able to easily locate beer reviews. To locate quality reviews by the average Joe or Jane, I went to Yelp. Now, there are too many breweries statewide to do 'em all - so I've just focused on ones in Eastern and Northeastern Iowa (plus one in Des Moines) to find out what non-Iowans think of Our Breweries. Shall we jump in? Warning: I think this list is likely to make you thirsty so, if you grab a cold one from an area brewery after reading, you're welcome.

As always: Please drink responsibly.

Iowa Breweries: Top Reviews of Our Great Beer Makers from Non Iowans

There's some great breweries in Eastern Iowa, and statewide. Here are some of the strongest reviews of Iowa breweries from Yelp users.

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