You may be saying to yourself, how bad can a TikTok trend really be? Isn't it just dancing and lip-syncing to things? And for the most part, you'd be right, but this new trend is getting kids in a lot of trouble.

It's called Devious Licks.

If you have a child in school, they most likely know what devious licks are. It's a trend where kids literally film themselves stealing or destroying things on school propriety.

It may also be kids filming the aftermath of something they stole off school propriety. Like a soap dispenser, wet floor sign, and many other things.

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According to the Gazette this trend has reached schools in Iowa, and is causing some troubles.

Iowa City West High School isn’t the only school dealing with the trend, but Principal Mitch Gross agreed to answer some questions about what the school has experienced so far this month.

Question: What was the first thing your staff noticed was stolen?

Answer: “Receptacles in the bathroom. Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers. It’s been frustrating because there’s an expectation of privacy in the bathroom, so it’s not like we have adults hanging out in the area.”

What's even worse is that kids are filming themselves doing it. It's easy to just say this is kids being kids. Many kids have gone through a phase where they've taken something before, but it gets out of hand when it's not only a popular trend but again KIDS ARE FILMING THEMSELVES DO IT, and then posting it online. That kind of digital footprint can follow these kids for years.

If you know someone doing this it may be a good idea to remind them that if their video went viral it could have some very negative consequences.

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