We all know that inflation has been causing food prices to go up, this isn’t new news. But for the first time in nine years, the Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Index has placed prices at the top of the lists of concerns that people have.

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What does that mean? When it comes to influencing shopping purchases, Iowa Farm Bureau has found that price is the most important factor influencing decisions.

In a Radio Iowa report, Farm Bureau’s Zach Bader says that 79 percent said in a survey that they were concerned with the impact government regulations are having on food prices.

Which is up from 62% in last year’s survey. In fact, government regulation that increases food costs went from the sixth most concerning aspect of food production last year in 2021, to the most selected option.

He adds that the survey did not ask for specifics when it comes to the regulation aspect.

We just left it as government regulation that increases food costs. So, there’s, you know, regulations on the food chain all the way from the farm — all the way up to the manufacturing and whatnot.

According to the Iowa Farm Bureau, key findings of the survey found include:

  • A quarter of Iowa shoppers say the price is the most important factor when it comes to their purchases
  • Two-thirds of shoppers list price in the top three factors influencing shopping decisions
  • 8 in 10 shoppers are concerned about government regulation increasing food costs
  • Around 96 percent of Iowa households eat mead at least weekly

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