Why, hello summer! It's officially July and that means the start of the fiscal third quarter and some new laws that are now in effect in the state of Iowa. One of which has brought national attention to the Hawkeye State. Let's explore the new Iowa laws.

No more statute of limitations for child sex abuse

The new law eliminates the statute of limitations for child sex abuse. According to KCRG, the now previous law stated that anyone who was abused as a child had 15 years after turning 18 to press criminal charges. Now, there's no time cap on doing so. People born after 1986 may press charges at any time.

New alcohol laws make it easier to get booze

This law isn't getting a lot of attention because, in the past 15-or-so months, alcohol laws in Iowa have been tweaked due to COVID. Still, there are a couple of new booze-related law changes. First off, The Gazette reports local distilleries and breweries can now obtain a second license allowing them to open an additional retail location.

Another law now on the books allows Iowa bars and restaurants to deliver cocktails through third-party delivery vendors like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub. As has been well documented, these delivery services were a lifeline for our local bars and restaurant operators during the pandemic.

A new law on defrauding drug tests

There are now criminal penalties for people who defraud drug and/or alcohol testing conducted by public or private employers.

Gun permits are a thing of the past

The most controversial new law has garnered some national attention. After 2020 brought Iowa 353 gun-related fatalities, a 23% increase in gun deaths, as of July 1, it's easier for Iowans to purchase and carry guns in the Hawkeye State. The constitutional carry law means Iowans will no longer be required to have a permit to purchase or carry a handgun. Previously, state law required Iowans to get permits from their local sheriff’s office.

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