A new partnership between the ninth-largest pork producer and an Iowa-based cooperative will bring a new feed mill to Hamlin, Iowa.

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Through this partnership, AMVC will own and operate a feed mill on a grain facility owned by Landus. Landus will then use its network of local farmer-owners to help it originate the grain for the mill.

The mill will produce up to 400,000 tons of swine fees per year. To do this, there will be a demand for 8.5 bushels of corn and 48,000 tons of soybeans annually.

According to a release from AMVC, the demand for corn will exceed the capacity for Landus grain storage at the Hamlin sites, which will allow Landus to leverage its nearby grain assets. This would include its site in Panora, Iowa.

According to Western Iowa Today, the new feed mill will be a $20 million mill that employs 21 people.

Audubon County Board of Supervisors Chairman Doug Sorensen told Western Iowa Today that the demand the feed mill will have will total around one-third of Audubon County’s corn production, improving the county’s corn basis and “probably [reducing] a lot of people’s trucking cost.”

According to Landus, when the mill is fully operational, it will employ eight full-time personnel and generate the demand for 14 local truck drivers.

In a release from Landus, Dr. Steve Schmitz, veterinarian and managing partner at AMVC said the investment helps with AMVC's goal to feed the world through local communities.

The establishment of this feed mill will maintain and increase long-term agriculture value for crop producers and pork producer stakeholders within Audubon County. This partnership also adds to the overall economic growth of the community by creating short and long-term employment opportunities.

AMVC anticipates the project to be completed by Summer 2024.

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