Iowa has a few homegrown grocery and convenient stores that we're very proud of. Casey's, which is now a Fortune 500 company, Happy Joe's, Kum & Go, and of course, grocers Hy-Vee and Fareway.

While Hy-Vee and Fareway are serious competitors, it still has to fill any Iowan with pride when we hear they're both continuing to grow, and branch out.

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This week Fareway opened its first store in Kansas as reported by Progressive Grocer. The company has more than120 stores and 12,000 employees in the seven states they operate in.

But that's not all the company has been up to, they also just opened only their second Iowa Meat Market in June, this one in Des Moines.

Fareway Meat Market via Google
Fareway Meat Market in Ames via Google

If you're not familiar with Fareway Meat Market, as I wasn't, it's exactly what it sounds like: a big meat store. According to a Des Moines Register story, the new 7,800-square-foot store resembles a smaller Fareway. It has a more limited produce section, snacks, cheeses, craft beer, wine, and spirits.

Specializing in all things meat, you can also pick up grilling accessories and they have a massive BBQ sauce and seasoning section as well. All in addition to their full-service meat counter.

The meat counter offers customers ready-to-eat options and pre-prepared items that can be taken home and eaten without additional preparation. They also have a patio at the store with picnic tables, encouraging customers to eat at the store itself if they wish.

This is the second Meat Market in Iowa with the first, pictured above, opening in Ames in 2018. The very first Fareway Meat Market opened in Omaha in 2016.

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