Agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of life.  The food, fuel, clothing, shelter and clean air we utilize each day is make better and possible because of agriculture.

While we know that the food we eat does not come from the local grocery stores, they are nothing more than a holding cell, so many are unsure of what it takes to get the food to those distributors. Just a few generations ago most people were raised on farms, and knew family and friends involved in farming and agriculture.  Today, we are growing further and further from that lifestyle.

American farmers are working to grow our food, to help others understand agriculture and to show us the daily struggles and successes of feeding America and the world.  Today, every farmer in America provides the resources to feed over 140 people.  That number will continue to grow and so will the demand.  Our farmers will continue to learn and grow more to exceed those demands.

Of course, it's not just the farmer that makes this all possible.  We need every hand in agriculture to make a difference.  We need support from all walks of life and all businesses.

March 19 - 25, 2017 is National Ag Week and Tuesday March 21st is National Ag Day.  Please take extra time this week to reflect on your roll in agriculture, to be grateful for the innovations we have and to thank someone you know in agriculture.

A huge thank you to  Dunkerton Coop for sponsoring National Ag Week




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