62 cases in 22 states have been reported and now Iowa is one of them.

Two confirmed cases of a mystery illness that can paralyze children have been reported in Iowa. One case was in western Iowa and the other in central Iowa. In both cases, the patients were under 18 and have all ready been treated and released from the hospital.

Around 90 percent of the cases are in children who suffer from muscle weakness/paralysis in the face, neck, back, or limbs. These symptoms occur around a week after the patient had a fever and respiratory illnesses.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been investigating the illness but for now are stumped. "This is a mystery so far," said the CDC's Dr. Nancy Messonnier. Known diseases like polio and West Nile viruses have been ruled out.

There have been 7 cases of the same disease reported in Minnesota, two in Illinois, and one in Nebraska.

Fortunately most kids recover from the mystery disease but Messonnier said it's "a pretty dramatic disease."

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