Authorities are cautioning drivers: there are more deer on the move, because their food source is hidden in the snow.

More of the animals have been seen roaming Northeast Iowa, in search of sustenance.
Because more deer are traveling greater distances, there is a greater possibility of vehicles striking the animals as they cross our area roads.

Authorities are asking drivers to be especially watchful for deer on-the-move. The record amount of snow in Northeast Iowa is proving to make it difficult for deer to eat and feed their young.

As they travel alone or in herds seeking food, the animals are posing a hazard to motorists.

Law enforcement are reminding drivers who are confronted with an animal in the path of their vehicle, to never veer for deer.

Suddenly steering away from the animal may cause the vehicle to go out of control, especially on slick roads, putting the vehicle in the path of another vehicle, or into a ditch, and greater hazards of trees, fences, and sign posts.


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