Painful hits is one thing, a painful tackle is another.

One of the lost arts of football is tackle. A lot of times people go with the "hit-stick" and never wrap-up. Plus, with all of the new rules as far as landing with full body weight, driving into the ground,suplexs and other odd rules, we never really know what is a correct tackle. You'd think in football, if you can just get the ball carrier to the ground, that would be enough but not so much any more.

One of the ways you cannot tackle a player is to grab the back/inside the shoulder pads and rip them down from behind. This is unsafe due to the fact that the ball carrier's neck will whip the head into the ground. It's called a horse collar tackle.

But it is completely legal to grab a player's hair and do the exact same thing. This is because the hair is considered apart of the jersey. It's player preference on how long they want their hair to be. This kind of tackle happened in the game between the Texans and the Bills were Texans defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney was trying to bring down Bills running back Chris Ivory. He was trying to grab onto anything and pulled one of Ivory's dreadlocks and pulled him to the ground in one of 2018's most painful looking tackle of the season. See for yourself.

Ivory laughed it off later because what else could he do? It's a legal tackle. After the game Clowney had this to say about the play.

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