On the heels of a second round of buy-outs for salaried employees, now John Deere is eliminating more salaried positions.

In late July, Deere reversed its plans to lay-off 82 workers in the Quad Cities, but unfortunately stuck with their decision to cut 35 Waterloo foundry jobs. As part of Deere's restructuring to "Smart Industrial Redesign" to focus on precision ag more salaried positions will be cut, however, the company did not say specifically how many jobs and at what plants.

As reported in the WCF Courier: a Deere statement read: “As part of the Smart Industrial Redesign, we are aspiring to become a leaner organization that’s more capable of responding to rapidly changing market conditions and customer demands with enhanced speed and flexibility,” “To do this, we’re broadening spans of control and reducing layers across our company to further empower employees, drive efficiencies, improve communication, and respond to changing market conditions more quickly. Further, we are balancing our cost structure to create a more customer-driven and streamlined organization.”

Deere & Co. projects their net income to fall by 1 billion dollars this year, that's BILLION with a "B", mind-boggling. The area's largest employer is expected to release their financial earnings on Aug. 21, that should be an interesting report as the company continues to restructure in these challenging and changing times.

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