Police confirmed a body found in south-central Iowa was that of a missing Creston man, 58-year old Timothy Fechter. Earlier this week, the Division of Criminal Investigation Crime Laboratory positively identified the body according to an Iowa Department of Public Safety media release. Fechter was reported missing on June 20th.

Fechter's death has been ruled suspicious

Based on the circumstances of his initial disappearance, and the discovery of his body, the police will continue to investigate Fechter’s death as suspicious. Along with the Creston Police Department, the Division of Criminal Investigation, Union County Sheriff’s Office, and the Adair County Sheriff’s Office are all involved in the investigation. As of now, no cause of death has been released by authorities.

Police do not believe there is a  threat to the public associated with this Fechter's death. The IDPS is asking anyone with information to call Adair County Sheriff Jeff Vandewater at 641-743-2148.

In late 2020, Fechter was arrested at his home for assault with displaying a dangerous weapon. He was released from the Union County Jail after posting bond.

New updates keep reading (story credit Roger King):

A two-vehicle accident that happened this morning (Wednesday, July 7) in Bremer County, has sent one person to the hospital. According to the Iowa State Patrol, it happened just before 8 am at the intersection of 180th Street and Dakota Avenue, north of Waverly. An eastbound SUV driven by 43-year-old Scott Gade of Waverly, collided with a northbound semi, driven by 38-year-old Jason Eastman of Waterloo. Gade's SUV failed to clear and yield the right of way at the uncontrolled intersection.

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