Demand for beer soars, so a brewery in Milwaukee is expanding its production by 400%.

There is no doubt that everything about 2020 has been unusual. I do not think a year ago, anyone predicted how it would go down. Hopefully, we have seen some light at the end of this very long tunnel.

As far as I can remember, luckily, I have not experienced too many shortages. There was the oil crisis in the 1970s. People would get in long lines for hours to purchase gas. I was pretty young then so it is a faint memory.

Maybe, the best I can recall is some sort of popular toy during Christmas like Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.

This year has hosted some unique ones like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, coins, and bicycles to just name a few.

One item that has gone up in demand but has flown under the radar is alcohol. Customers have changed the main way they purchase it. In the past, many people would buy and drink it in bars, restaurants, and events. Well, those opportunities have gone away. Now, fans of these products buy them at grocery, liquor, and convenience stores to consume at home.

I have noticed when I make trips to the supermarket that other shoppers are filling their carts with beer and booze. They might as well make their own fun at home. Of course, alcohol can help that along.

In fact, so many more shoppers were buying liquor at the store, there was a shortage of aluminum cans for a bit. The breweries have noticed the increase in at-home sales, so they are stepping up their supply to answer to the demand.

According to,

"Molson Coors Beverage Company announced it will increase production capacity by more than 400% at the company's Milwaukee and Fort Worth breweries. This comes as reports show an increase in sales for Vizzy, Coors Seltzer, and Blue Moon LightSky nationwide. The company states that the Milwaukee brewery invested in a new can filler, upping packaging to nearly 2,000 cans of Blue Moon LightSky per minute."

At least you do not have to worry about hoarding your favorite brews.

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