Recent data shows that millennials are spending less per-person at the grocery store according to the Department of Agriculture

A recent analysis by USDA's Economic Research Service of 2014 grocery store data found that compared to older generations, millennial-headed households spent the least per person on food at home. However, like the other generations analyzed, millennial households with higher incomes tend to spend more on grocery store foods than millennial households with lower incomes.

The data shows that millennials spend between roughly between $75 and $150 per month, per-person, on groceries. Meanwhile, the data shows that baby boomers spend between roughly $125 and $200 per month, per-person, on groceries. However, USDA notes that differences in food-at-home spending between the generations may reflect the younger generations' stronger preference for eating out, which may change as they age.

Source;  NAFB News


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