Zoom, Facetime, Instagram, Skype, what's next? Messenger Rooms is!

Now-a-days, every type of social media platform and software companies seem to have come out with a way for people to video chat with their friends and loved ones during this pandemic. We are all looking for the best way to stay connected without having to do a bunch of work to get connected. Well, Facebook has jumped on this bandwagon to offer up another way to stay connected.... Messenger Room.

Messenger Room via Facebook way is sort of like Zoom. You are able to have multiple people on screen in a gallery mode and you are able to crash or "drop in" to people's calls. You can have up to 8 people on the call for now but Facebook has announced that they hope to be able to have more than 50 people on a call within the next couple of weeks.

With Messenger Rooms, you are also able to use all of the filters, lighting and backgrounds offered via the messenger app during a call. There is no need for an app for this either. You can join a call from either your phone or your laptop.

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