An Arlington motorist is being charged with causing a two-vehicle accident at the Stanley "S" curves, east of Oelwein.

It happened at about 6:30pm Monday (April 2) at the intersection of Highway 3 and "L" Avenue. Barche Cichon of Independence was westbound on the highway, but stopped to make a left turn. A car behind Cichon driven by 68 year old David Turner, didn't see the stopped car, but then attempted to pass it, just as Cichon started to turn. The vehicles collided, causing an estimated $3,500 damage to each car. No one was injured, but Turner was charged with making an unsafe pass.
Also the Fayette County Sheriff was called out early Tuesday to an accident involving a deer. It occurred about 5 miles north of West Union on Lincoln and Major Roads. A car driven by 38 year old Jeremy Poulin of West Union struck a deer that wandered out onto the road. There was $1500 damage to the 1998 Dodge Neon Highlander, but no injuries.

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