They say never meet your heroes, but one young woman proved that sometimes meeting the celebrities you admire is just as special as you'd think.

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Rachel Smith of Ottumwa posted a video on her Tik Tok channel in early January. She was trying to get American Idol winner and Clarksville native, Maddie Poppe to notice her ahead of her show at the Bridge View Center. Smith is a local photographer who just so happens to love the singer.

"You're an Iowa gal, I'm an Iowa gal! I'm a photographer, you might need a photographer for the concert..." the young woman said.

Smith is a local photographer who specializes in wedding, senior, and engagement photos. Also, she has a pretty good hat game! You can check out more of her work here. 

In the initial video that she shared, Smith said that it would "make my 2022" if she got a chance to photograph the star.

A few days later, Rachel Smith posted another video. It was crunch time and still no word from Maddie Poppe. She was sitting in her vehicle in the Ottumwa venue's parking lot asking again to take concert photos.

It seemed like she might not be able to get in touch with the singer before the show...

You can watch her follow-up video below!

However, it looks like her worries were put to rest rather quickly. Just a few days ago, the Ottumwa-based photographer and superfan shared yet another video. This time instead of asking for Maddie Poppe's attention, the singer actually starred in the Tik Tok.

When it came time to go to Poppe's show, she got to enjoy it from two a concertgoer and as a photographer! Not only did she take a number of gorgeous photos (like the one down below)...


Rachel Smith Photography
Rachel Smith Photography

But she also got to MEET the singer. In one of Smith's latest Tik Tok's she shared all of the moments, she captured from that evening. You can check it out in the video down below!


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