The words "Pizza" and 'Farm" aren't usually in the same sentence, but I think you'll be glad that this is a real thing. For the past three summers, I've been going to Luna Valley Pizza with my family on our summer getaway to far northeastern Iowa.

If you're not familiar, Luna Valley Pizza farm is located on the Luna Valley farm. Hence it is, as the name implies, a pizza farm.

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Located just outside of Decorah (though technically according to its address, a part of Decorah), the home of Toppling Goliath, Luna Valley Pizza is owned and operated by Maren and Tom Beard. The pizza is available on Friday and Saturday evenings, and you have to order your pizza online.

You can order about a week in advance, and you better do it fast, as spots fill up very quickly. We learned this the first year we went and ended up eating quite late. Once you arrive, you park and walk about 400 feet to a barn which houses the brick over where your pizza is made.

There are picnic tables available, but a lot of customers bring a folding chair or blanket and enjoy a little nature while eating their pizza.

Luna Valley Pizza -- JM/TSM
Luna Valley Pizza -- JM/TSM

You can also order drinks and dessert, then grab your pizza and enjoy.

Luna Valley Pizza -- JM/TSM
After parking, it's almost pizza time! Luna Valley Pizza -- JM/TSM

During the heart of pandemic when people were trying to avoid tight, crowded spaces, but still be somewhat social, the New York Times spotlighted Luna Valley. The story, and Luna Valley's own website, spotlights just how locally sourced all of the ingrediants are.

From the meat to the veggies to even the fuel for the oven, virtually everything is local. That inlcudes the beer, which is from three area breweries, and the soda pop, which comes from nearby Spring Grove, Minnesota.

For some it could be a monthly or even weekend tradition in the summer or early fall. For my family, it's a once a year tradition. One we started during the heart of the COVID pandemic, and one we plan to continue for as long as possible.

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